Since the race and my last post, the past few days have been packed full of action (some not so great…). I unfortunately only made to the fencing portion of the Modern Pentathlon and returned to the my room to lie down at noon and never made it back out until 8am the next morning! I picked up a little stomach bug somewhere along the way and it was not good! I felt better the next morning but only really ate breakfast that day. My parents and grandma and I braved Beijing’s famed Silk Market before they left on friday. My bargaining skills were a little weak though, I blame it on the queasy stomach! The rest of my time has been filled with exploring the village and seeing other sports. Waterpolo, athletics, synchronized swimming, I’ve seen it all and it’s been fun! Here are a few pictures:

The Fuwa gang dancing up a storm at waterpolo:

Josh going in for the ‘kill’…I have no idea what the fencing term is for that!

The lead racer for the 4×100 Dutch men’s team…they messed up the second exchange…too bad!

The remote control javelin retrieval cars….I know a certain someone that would be perfect for this job!!

I couldn’t help but do this one!!
They synchro swim. The Spanish routine was really great!
The view of the cube at night from the top of the bird’s nest:

Anyway, Closing ceremonies tomorrow night, should be fun! I’m excited! I’m also looking forward to returning home…it will be nice not to have to live out of a suitcase for awhile!!

Good Luck to everyone racing IMC this weekend! Enjoy the day!!