Wow….double jet lag is not fun!  It feels like a lifetime ago but I only left New Zealand 12 days ago.  After a short but refreshing stop in Calgary, I left for the Netherlands last week, first for a visit with some relatives in Egmond, North Holland and now at my new home base Sittard, Limburg.

Here are a few pics from my last 12 days:

The beautiful sand dunes along the coastal province of North Holland.  Awesome running trails, I could run for days in here!  Plus there are a few bike paths through them too, excellent training here!!

Netherlands 2011 013 

These guys made me run a little bit faster….in the other direction!! I was able to weave my way through them on the bike path but never worked up the nerve to run past them!  Apparently they graze Scottish Highland Cattle in the dunes here…would have been nice if someone had told me about them before I rounded a corner and was face to face (or horn rather!) with these guys!!

Netherlands 2011 012 The old style windmills:

Netherlands 2011 015 The new style windmill–if you look closely, there are hundreds of windmills offshore in this North Sea wind farm:

Netherlands 2011 010 My new wheels, well my transportation while I’m in Sittard anyway!  More on my actual new wheels next post–Timex you rock!!

Dutch wheels And finally, the only picture I took in Calgary…the arrival of spring, the first buds on the trees, I assume everything is in full bloom now?!

spring That’s all for now.  Revving up the training for a solid 3 weeks into Madrid.  The weather here hasn’t been great, and based on what I packed with me (I can never seem to get it quite right!), I really hope summer arrives in Europe soon!