The 2012 summary is pretty quick.  I went down 3 times and got up 3 times. Since there was not a whole lot of racing and shining moments, it simply was a year of persistence & perseverance.  The year started off with a stress fracture and a labral tear in the hip as a result of a spill while running, it took time and hard work but I recovered from this injury just in time for the last 2 London qualifying races and then we all know what happened in San Diego.  Luckily for me, I had amazing friends, my husband, and my mom there to pick me up after this knock down. I was determined to bounce back from this one too, I switched my focus to 70.3 and cross country run races instead.  My tri season officially finished at the Miami 70.3–a fun race, a nice city and a 4th place finish. My run season officially ended last weekend in Vancouver for XC nationals and I managed to squeeze in one more fall before this race too…right on my butt on some ice, injuring my sacrum and making running (and even walking) a challenge…but I sucked it up and ran thru the muddy trails, finished with a smile and helped my run club UCAC finish second in the team competition! Let the recovery season begin…and let’s hope I keep it fall/crash free….in the words of Vince Lombardi…”it’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up”….

Now for the year in pictures…

Starting the year off on the bike in NZ….lots of cycling there!!

NZ 2012 084

2/3 ready for the WTS in Sydney

Sydney T1

Finding my run form in Victoria

Oz2012 020

Getting some stitches in San Diego…not where I wanted to be!


Moving onto some fun racing…Banff/Calgary/Miami….

Two Jack Lake

Cross country running in Vancouver, can’t beat these views!


Playing in the mud!


Richard enjoying a sunny day in Vancouver


Winter time in Calgary…gotta dust off the skis!


Off season DIY projects have commenced….


And that’s a wrap on 2012. We’ll officially call it the Year or Perserverence.  Onward & upward.

Happy Holidays!!

Time to embrace & enjoy winter!