I’ll make this brief, and spare you some of the details (many of which you wouldn’t want to hear anyway!)….

Felt pretty good before the race, excited for the day. Did swim warm up and noticed my stomach was a bit off, thought it would go away. Nearly missed the start (none of us at the far end of the pontoon heard the “take your marks”), was in 3rd after 750m. On the second lap I threw up, and not from exertion, just plan puked! I pulled it back together and managed to come out of the water 8th. On the bike, I was mainly concerned about trying to get my stomach to settle down. It didn’t work. Came out of T2 in 5th–hoping that I’d be able to run. The next part of the story involved me hurdling a barricade and frantically running to the public bathroom…we’ll just leave it at that! Think I picked up a little stomach bug–after 6weeks of travelling through countless airports around the world and over-nighting on a couple airplanes–now I get sick!!

Anyway, sucked that I DNF’d, this was my ticket to Beijing, there were girls in the top 10 that I beat last weekend in Korea . The good thing is, I didn’t DNF to injury or a crash. Now to reset and get ready for World’s in Vancouver, need a top 12 there, and Des Moines for another World Cup.

Now the journey back home…..I can almost feel my OWN bed…..

Thanks for the support/concerned e-mails!