It’s been an amazing couple days. It’s been slightly overwhelming but in a good way! The Village is bustling with athletes and activities! It’s been a challenge to keep focus, but I’m still on track!

We landed at the brand-spanking-new Beijing airport and the ‘special’ treatment began! Although, it was a bit disappointing since there was hardly anyone at the airport, so there were no lines to cut anyway! I made the guys stop for this photo opp

We jumped on a shuttle bus and off to the Olympic Village we went! Again, there is an ‘Olympics’ lane on the freeway but there was very little traffic!
Coach Paul came for a visit at the venue and to give me a tough swim workout:
Don’t worry, this is only the McCafe in the Dining Hall, I’m saving the McD’s binge for post race! The Flat Whites are excellent!
My new ride! This is outside of the Dutch residence block–A9.
That’s about all I’ve got to report for now. Tomorrow we are catching a ride out to the triathlon venue (~40k north of here) to do our training. The water temperature is reportedly 28 degrees, good thing I brought my wetsuit! Richard, my parents and Oma arrive tomorrow too!!

Thanks again for all the e-mails and comments–they are motivating!

4 more training days!