The view of the backyard....

Well, the snow held off for quite awhile here in Calgary, but this week, it came back full force.  I’ve shovelled 3 times in 3 days…my back hurts!! 

Bundled up to go shovel the walk!

I’ve had to pull out the big ugly boots/mitts/jackets to keep warm, I’m getting soft when it comes to the cold these days!!

The big black boots, not pretty, but they sure are warm!!

 Cycling is officially done soley in the basement, though yesterday the Discovery Channel was kind enough to show “Volcanoes of the World-Hawaii” during my spin!  The lava tubes, pahoehoe flow, stalactites, and statements like this: “here you can see the Earth being born”, were enough to make my workout fly by!  Hmmm…might have to go back to school and get that PhD in Volconology….

The snow, cold & dark hasn’t stopped the XC running girls from going outside!  Tuesday night was intervals on a dimly lit pathway.  If there is ever a triathlon on a dark snow covered pathway, I’m going to rock that run!!  Tonight might be more of a challenge, a little colder and a little more snow….we’ll see how it goes! 

Stay tuned…a trip south of the border may be in the works….