Some of you may know that I have a slight fear of large winged things.  They are beautiful from afar, but I don’t care for them anywhere in my personal space!  It all started in the middle of the jungle in NW Malaysia during a post-graduation trip with my good friend Bridget (who just got married…see below!).  A rather large Toucan-like bird named Chi-Chi decided that I was his one true love.  Much to my dismay, he routinely did fly-by peckings and went everywhere I went, including sitting next to me during dinner.  I can still see his beady little eyes staring at me and hear the local boys yelling …”Chi-Chi loves you!”….

Chi-Chi awaiting my return to the hostel....

This brings me to my secret training partners here in Calgary.  If you’ve ever biked around Calgary, you know that there are abundant number of large birds that frequent the farm fields that line the roads.  Normally they mind there own business and fly away when you cycle by.  At certain times of the year though, they get a little aggressive…like now, when the young are learning to fly and hunt–they have even been know to be aggressive towards bikers during a race!  So the other day, I was doing some race-pace efforts on my top-secret interval road when I noticed a hawk sitting on one of the fence posts sqawking away.  I turned, did my interval and then came back to my starting point, this time there were 2 LARGE guys now sitting on the fence, great he called his buddy.  Off I went on my second interval.  I came back for my third repeat and one guy was missing.  I turned and started my interval, just gearing up when out of the ditch flies out hawk #2!!  He does a fly-by makes a crazy loud screech and flies back to his buddy!  This encounter lead to my best interval, awesome power output and I hit my target HR immediately!  After that, I still had 2 more repeats to do, the 2 birds seemed had vacated their spot on the fence…making me even more nervous!!  The next 2 intervals were equally as good,one eye on the sky, one on the road!  

The Hawks out in Springbank make for great training partners!!

FYI-There is also an Osprey nest (or what I think are Osprey) at the Glenmore track…these guys seem to be content just circling the track from high above, but still, I run watching the shadows!!  Other than that, things are good.  Attended Bridget’s wedding last weekend and starting to pack for my Budapest trip this weekend.

B looking happy on the big day!

That’s all for now.  Another flight over the Atlantic coming up….love it!!  Excited to race again and see Budapest!