First thing tomorrow morning we leave for Beijing. Chuncheon has been a great place to train and acclimatize but it’s time to get to the village! Plus, the Korean coverage of the Olympics is hit and miss, depending on if there is a Korean in the event! Luckily, they have a few good swimmers and they like to show Phelps swim, so we have seen most of the swimming. I gave it a try but really, 10m air rifle shooting is not very exciting on TV! I missed the women’s 4x100m relay, as we were out riding some tough hills in the heat, the girls won the Netherlands first gold of the games!! Off to a good start!

After a few ‘off’ days of training–Coach & Richard said not to worry, but after back to back lackluster workouts, I was slightly concerned–I managed to have a really strong day today! Phew–as usual, P&R were right!

Here is my race kit. Lucky #39 is my race number (determined by random draw):Now I have to pack my gear up, already have the bike done–that’s the worst part!

Beijing here I come!

6 more days.