…..not my day. Swim okay, second lap a little weak. Bike, something not right, legs screaming, couldn’t hold a wheel (this has NEVER happened to me before, I’d had some great workouts the previous week too, I was being dropped by girls I’ve always out rode). Onto the run I had lost significant amount time on the bike–I tried to put a solid effort coming out of T2–actually I had one of the fastest T2 splits–but the legs protested. I then decided to just finish off the race with a hot & hilly tempo run (so don’t look at that run split!). I hadn’t been feeling 100% the days leading up to the race, but nothing that I didn’t think I could race through. In retrospect, I probably should have DNF’d the race but I hate doing that (unless a trip to the bathroom is required, ie Richards Bay). Now I am back in Victoria. Saw a Dr. here, she thinks I probably have a lingering virus; getting blood tests, could be my iron levels–I ate a giant steak tonight.

Keeping positive, getting rested and recovered for Hamburg. Fly to Europe July 1. Keeping it interesting!