So I finally downloaded some pictures from various devices and realized that a lot of them were taken for the sole purpose of a blog post or tweet or FB update….most never made it to any form of social media…So today, your update is full of photos I took and never posted, plus a little update on my whereabouts and what’s up next.  Enjoy.
The following pics are of my favourite things in Noosa and things I will miss very much (it may have been my last trip there…)
Oz2012 009
mmmm….Costa Noosa coffee….how I miss you….
Best used bookstore! Tons of good reads found here over the years!
Noosa Junction. Shops, bakeries, coffee..
Main Beach, Noosa. Even when the waves got big & I was smashed onto the bottom, it’s still my favourite beach!
The Noosa Aquatic Center. So much pain & so much joy. Even if the swim set was killer, swimming outside always made it better!


Now for a Sydney update…The race went ok.  Up until a couple weeks out, it was still in doubt if I would be able to start in Sydney at all, so being on the start line was a definite bonus.  After a few weeks running pain free and a couple promising run workouts, I was excited to get the season going.  I had a great swim, top 10 out of the water and in good company.  I felt great on the bike but unfortunately for me almost the entire field came together after some motivated women in the chase bunch worked hard to catch us.  Onto the run, I did what I could but the legs just weren’t ready for a fast paced 10k.  I toughed it out and finished a disappointing 50th place.  Not exactly the start I wanted but it was a start non the less! 

Sydney T1

Running out of Transition in Sydney after a great swim!


The Sydney Harbour Bridge. Just love this town!


Post-Sydney I made the journey back to North America.  This included a brief but productive stop in Calgary.  Dinner with the parents, some Richard time, laundry, dentist, haircut & multiple stops to Speed Theory!  A big THANK YOU to the guys at the shop, especially Cam & Darcy for hooking me up with my new ride for the remainder of the season…it’s fast!!  And special thanks to Adam of Speed Matrix for squeezing me in for an awesome bike fit!

Oz2012 013
Getting looked after by my favourite bike fitter at my favourite store in Calgary!


From Calgary it was over to the west coast and the city of Victoria for a couple weeks of prep pre-San Diego and to find some run speed…

Oz2012 016

Hanging out eating Sushi and watching the planes, boats & seals go by with Ben in Victoria

Oz2012 018

Pretty blossoms on the trees in Victoria but deadly for my alergies!

Oz2012 020
Dutch colours & tulips post run in Victoria


So that brings me to now.  I have a few more days here in Victoria to fine tune my running and get ready for the next big race.  Then next week it’s off to San Diego to race FRIDAY May 11th (2pm PST) in the next ITU World Triathlon Series race and the next Dutch qualification race for London. 

 That’s all I have for now.

Until my next post….take care and smile.