A belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, occurrence, proceeding, or the like….

I wasn’t always superstitious, maybe just a little obsessive compulsive about certain things, but no “must put left sock on first” type stuff.  Sport has definitely made me superstitious….bad things happen in 3′s, black cat’s crossing my path, and most recently picking up pennies that are heads down…

I’ve a had a recent run of what I can only call “spontaneous injuries”, meaning they were caused by something sudden and unforeseen, not a nagging knee pain or niggle I neglected to take care of, but in these cases it was caused by just plain bad luck.  A trip, where I landed hard on a downhill slope fracturing my hip, a crash where I was body slammed by a flying Belgian breaking my arm, and the latest where I was running an awesome track session, where I tore my plantar fascia on the very last interval. After this injury, I was pretty bummed, I searched for reasons for my bad luck–was it the spider in my room that I squashed that gave me bad karma? Was it that crack in the sidewalk that I stepped on?  Then I figured it out…I had picked up a penny that was tail-side up the day before the incident….hmmmm…I wasn’t certain this was the cause of my bad luck but just in case, I placed a shiny new penny heads up on the sidewalk to pass on some good luck to someone else and perhaps get some good karma thrown my way! Crossing my fingers it works….

For now here are some random photos that I managed to upload from various devices:

Uber athlete Chris ter Horst and I huddling together in the observation deck on top of Haleakala…oh so cold my hands were frozen like that:


The view from the top of Haleakala on the day….now I have to climb 10,000′ again to actually see the crater!!


This is what happens to your water-bottles after descending 10,000′!


An all too brief stop in San Diego included a visit with Cathy & Chris, an MRI, and an air cast! No racing Oceanside this year, will have to return next year for sure!


Once I got the ‘all-clear’ to ride, I escaped the never-ending winter in Calgary and headed down to St George for some warmth and to get some fitness back.  The views here never cease to amaze me:


A spring cactus bloom:


One of my favourite training partners.  This guy has taught me a ton about recovery…he’s either running all out or sleeping…

photo 2

That’s the latest on my end.  Racing the 70.3 in St George in 2 weeks (although not completely ruled out yet) is probably not going to happen, so a new race plan will have to be crafted!  Lucky for me the season is still young and there is an endless number of races to choose from!

Heading out to look for some lucky pennies (heads up only…).