The Crime: The other night Richard and I discovered that one of stuffed Quatchi’s, the best mascot for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, is MIA & there is no evidence of his whereabouts….
Our matching key chain Quatchi’s that we both got for Christmas presents:
The prime suspect: Piper (aka The Red Devil). No way, you say, she’s too sweet and innocent to do something to Quatchi?!

Piper is an Irish Terrier who is very cute but also very tough and too smart for her own good! We dog-sat her when she was a puppy…she destroyed any stretching tool (foam roller, TP massage stuff) I left out and played a game of ‘catch-me-if-you-can’ with little muddy paws on our carpet…but that was a couple years ago. Now she’s mellowed but I’m convinced she’s upped her game! I close all the bedroom doors when I leave her alone but I’m almost certain she’s stashed Quatchi somewhere (or ate him, but no evidence of that yet…).
The Verdict: Innocent until proven guilty. Piper is off the hook until I find some more evidence. Who knows, maybe Quatchi is hiding in the laundry…

Not a triathlon related post….I’ve been watching too much Law & Order.