Happy Holidays!! You know it’s time for an update when your Dad calls you and says…” you really need to update your blog Lisa…”

Well, after a short but sweet Christmas break, I’ve been on ‘Christmas training camp’ with my swim group. I’ve been relegated to the back of the distance lane or the D lane. When I swam, I avoided the D lane, it wasn’t somewhere I ever wanted to venture…it only meant longer sets and swimming more meters….funny how things turn out!

Here is how to tell if you’ve been swimming too much lately:

  • You’ve swam a total of 31km in 3 days
  • Sometimes when you try to go fast, you can’t feel if your arms are moving!
  • Half way through the workout you daydream about how good your Powerbar is going to taste
  • After workout you are so hungry that you HAVE to eat your Powerbar in the shower…gross I know, but I was beyond hungry
  • You aren’t sure you’ll be able to hold onto the steering wheel while driving home after practise
  • You’ve stopped showering between workouts, there just doesn’t seem to be a point & Richard doesn’t seem to mind the chlorine smell
  • Because of the above, you have also ceased to brush your hair, again, no point
  • This is how you feel after 3 heavy days of swimming:

Phew…one more practice tomorrow and then thankfully, the swimming gods have closed every single pool in Calgary on New Year’s Day, so it’s a day out of the water!!! Then, it’s a weekend of snowshoeing and skate skiing on the books…I hope my arms can use the poles!!

Happy New Year everyone!