Well, the 2013 season has officially come to an end.  The season started off with a big challenge–the tearing of my plantar fascia (the fascia in the arch of the foot) has been by far the most challenging injury I’ve had to date.  But I learned a lot about the anatomy of the foot, perseverance, and how much I love feeling healthy and racing at 100%.

The year finished on a high note, with a sunny trip to Miami and a last minute race in the Cayman Islands.  The Miami race started off well with a solid, controlled swim & bike where I went onto the run in 2nd place.  From there the sun came out and I had a slight ‘melt-down’ on the run but hung on for a 5th place.  I was seriously worried about how high my heart rate was for the entire half marathon!! It was a little disappointing that the ‘elements’ of this race got the better of me, especially since I had finally got in a good uninterrupted run block in before this race, but that’s part of racing.

South Beach Miami


 Taking in the sun & heat…


The Miami Heat season opener….from the nosebleeds….


A little exploring of the Flordia Keys post race….


And then over to the Cayman Islands for one last Olympic distance race that I received an invite from the Cayman Island Triathlon Association to do and I gladly accepted!  It was fun, I haven’t done a oly-dist race in a long time, so it flew by and I came out with the win! The Cayman Islands are a wonderful place…I’ll be back for sure!!

 How beautiful is this…photo credit: Wayne RobertsCayman Swim

 On the bike…a little wet…


 Finishing off the run….


 And my homestay pet of the trip…a little kitty named Monkey…


 Now back to winter…time to pull out the sweaters…


So that’s a wrap on 2013.  Time for a little break from SBR and some reflection.  2014 is a new year and new season. For now, I embrace winter and dust off the skis!

Thanks to all those who stuck with me and supported me through all the ups & downs this year.  You know who you are and you rock.