After a couple days in the village, I finally gotten into the swing of things here. I’ve still manage to avoid most of the ‘not-so-great-pre-race’ foods, but the list of ‘things-to-try-post-race’ is growing! Ever amazing Coach Paul managed to score us tickets to the swim finals today!! It was awesome! 3 World Records (200br women, 200IM men, 200bk men), 2 Phelps swims, and the women’s 100fr final all in one session! Awesome! I was so inspired post-event that my swim training after was the best I’ve had in weeks! Thanks Michael for giving me some of your swim mojo! Thanks Paul for getting me there!

Paul and I at the Cube! It was a gorgeous day in Beijing, the crazy storm yesterday cleared out the sky today! Me outside the Birds Nest, it’s across from the Cube. We have tickets for the Athletics on the 23rd, so excited! Thanks Paul for the art shot!
Me at the pool, that’s the dive tank in the background.
My inspiration, Phelps, destroying the field in the 200m IM!!
Timing clock with the world record split.
My little Chinese friend! I gave him a pair of our little orange clogs for the photo, he was really excited about them…not so excited about the Athens pin that Paul gave him!Back to the Triathlon course tomorrow for a couple laps on the bike course and in the reservoir. Then we have our pre-race athlete meeting and pontoon position draw…I’ll let you know what spot I get!

Hope everyone is taking in some Olympic events on TV!

2 more training days!