St Moritz in picutes (in no particular order…)

Riding with the cows...complete with bells...

The Diavolezza glacier…not the clearest day but still awesome!!
Richard & I at the Diavolezza glacier
View down the valley, after a whole lot of climbing!
St Moritz from above, if you look close you can see the track!


Me at 3000m with wearing every piece of clothing I brough. Thanks to Coach Paul for the mitts…note that is a rock sample in my hands!


Ahhh…the mountains….luckily living in Calgary and having a ton of experience in the mountains, including some camping trips in August that we started in +25 degree temps and walked out with a soaking wet tent (from the snow) in 0 degrees!

St Moritz being at 1800m in the Swiss Alps is not immune to the mountain weather systems coming in and dramatically changing the temperature. I’ve had some of the most amazingly scenic & beautiful runs & rides of my life here (picture sun shining, forests, clear mountain streams, glaciers, awesome rocks) followed the next day by some cold wet and miserable rides & runs. Even the pool temperature seems to fluctuate day by day! But I can’t complain, even when I’m descending on my bike and can’t feel my fingers and toes I’m somewhere beautiful, doing something I love and Richard arrived this week to join me! Doesn’t get any better than that!

Less than a week here and then off to Kitzbuhel for my final race of this trip. Take note of the ITU countdown clock to the right on the main page of my site—in case you forget when the race is, check it counts the start down to the second!