Hey! Here are some pictures!

My white team uniform (we have one in blue as well). I love having a uniform to wear, the only decision I have to make in the morning is what colour (blue, orange, white) of super comfy clothes I’ll be wearing today! The view from my balcony in Chuncheon, Korea. The river is also the site of our open water swim training (still haven’t been to the pool yet). The water temp is a mixture of 34 degrees and 18…the thermocline is at about 10cm, so your face would be super hot and your hands/arms cold!
My room. There is so much space in here, I have my very own dance floor! So far my experience with Korean hotel rooms is that they are all very similar and huge!
The hotels also always come with an assortment of slippers to put on…here are 2 pair, I have another pair in the bathroom and 2 more on the balcony. I’ve been using them for my nightly disco routine!! There is also about 6 extra duvets in the closet…really, how cold does it get here?!The teams ‘A-team’ van. Not the best pic, I’ll get a better one. So far it’s been really hot here! I’ve had the privilege of running with Marti ten Kate, one of the Netherlands legendary marathon runners, he went to the Seoul Olympics (his PB is ~2:10, although he says; “that was many years ago”! Doesn’t matter he still runs fast!). He schooled me on our long run and then pushed me (aka: left me in his dust) on my run off the bike yesterday. I also had a swim to bike interval out of the pool…I had a few strange looks from the locals driving…I imagine a girl in a bathing suit cruising down the road isn’t something they see everyday! Yesterday was a bit of a challenging day for me. I think it was the combination of the 3 day post travel and re-adjusting to the heat. Either way, I’m sure glad I flew out early to be with the team and get used to the time zone and heat!

We watched the pageantry of the opening ceremonies from the ‘Crystal room’ in our hotel. The excitement is building! The fireworks were cool but I don’t imagine it helped the air quality any!

My race is on August 18th at 10am. That is August 17th at 8pm MST in North America, August 18th at 4am CEST in Europe (ouch, sorry about that! Henk, I know you won’t mind getting up early!?)

9 more days!

Take care and thanks for all the e-mails and comments,
PS-I wrote an article for the Lifesport newsletter about my journey (note that I wasn’t at the Opening ceremonies but will be at the closing!); click here.