I’ve been taking a bit of heat about not updating my blog.  We’ll call it writers block! 

I’ll start with a summary of Kitzbuhel in point form:

  1. +Love this race, good to have Richard out with me.


  1. +Felt good coming into the race


  1. +Stomach was “rumbling” the night before and all race morning, spent a lot of time in the bathroom pre-race, not good but hoped for the best. Richard told me after (trying not to panic me) that he too had some issues…something we ate??


  1. +swim: sketchy first lap, swallowed half the lake, saw where I was at the run out, said some choice words as I dove back into the water.  Managed to work my way back onto the main pack (along with Paula Findlay, the race winner), but the BACK of the main pack….always doing it the hard way!!


  1. +Because of above, I had to put my head down and cycle hard to get up to the lead group of girls.  I was the last women to make the pack.


  1. +Solid ride, scary fast turn coming out of the tunnel on the new course.  Actually it was the sound & smell of the brakes that worried me, but I like the new course! We gained some time on the chase pack.


  1. +Onto the run, tried my best to stay in the mix, had terrible cramps right away (see bullet point # 3 above).  Did what I could to keep moving.  Thoughts went from:…push through it will go away, just stay with the girls, ok…just stay with this girl…ok light feet…ok, lean forward & relax…to ulitmately this: ok…just get to the finish line…….left, right, left, right….


  1. +Finished off in 25th place. 


  1. +Positives: front swim & bike pack again.


  1. +Needs some work: still searching for that magical race where all 3 sports come together.  What do they say?  Patience is a virtue???  I know it’s there, just need to make it happen….

The Kitzbuhel Horn, still haven't been to the top....next year for sure!

Waiting for the start...nice views all around

 Since Kitzbuhel I have been back in Calgary for a short stay.  It’s been a bit of post-travel-jet-lag-haze; dentist, stain deck, train, rest, visit family, Oma’s 80th Birthday Bash, Bridget’s bachelorette party, massage, train, sleep, recover, give bike some TLC, get hair cut, eat, sleep, train….

Group photo of the Bachlorette Party

 In other news, my “death march” finish of Kitzbuhel allowed me to score some big points towards the ITU World Championship Series “Best Segment” ranking (for the bike portion, you have to finish the race to score any points and I had the fastest bike split of the day).

On the bike

Check it out again, I regained my #1 ranking…http://www.triathlon.org/files/events/rankings/itu_wcs_rankings_best_biker-women-2010.pdf.  If my math is correct, I have enough of a lead to finish either 1st or 2nd even if I don’t score points in Budapest!

That’s all for now!  Up next, more training, a wedding, and a trip to Budapest!