Since Paul is easing me back into training, he actually had a bike ride on the schedule today, with an option of being indoor or out. Knowing that there are many hours of indoor riding ahead (fall is here, the leaves are changing, the days outside are numbered!), I decided to get my commuter bike (a cyclo-cross bike) out for a spin around the city. I rode from my house to the reservoir, the site of the Calgary 70.3 run course, and scouted it out!! It is already a favourite spot of mine to run on, I’m so going to rock that course, but also fun to ride when no one else is on the path in the fall. The path was covered in leaves and the air was fresh, it was nice to be back on the bike! To be honest….my road bike has been ‘resting’ in the garage since I unpacked it!

Not much else to report, just trying to get back into the groove and organize my life. Had a fun trip to Victoria and we had a runaway puppy join us for 2 hours….I really wanted to keep her!! Richard was convinced I ‘took’ her from her backyard….I swear, she found me!! Sidney’s owner eventually did find us playing in the backyard…her gate had been left open….I was a little disappointed but her family, including a little girl, was happy to see her!
Sidney, relaxin’ in our kitchen…see, she even matches our house…she was destine to find us!!
Because I have been freezing the last few days…here’s one to remind me about what it feels like to be hot….it was 35 degrees this day in Korea!!