Well, this week was a week of running. My legs are protesting a bit since they haven’t been worked this hard in awhile! On the weekend I headed out east for a run along the river, it was going well until I turned back and headed west! The notorious westerly winds were blowing furiously down the river valley, making my return to the car a challenge! The last 25min I ducked onto the Douglas Fir trails and ran the rolling paths and stairs in there to get away from the wind. Then on Sunday I was convinced to run the Confed Park x-country relay run. It turned out to be a lot of fun and a bit wet….it has been over 2 months since I have put in a “race-pace” effort, the legs hurt and the lungs burned, but I remembered why I enjoy racing so much!

Next up? A school camping trip with my niece! As luck would have it, the weather is supposed to be nice this week, so hopefully we stay warm! The kids have to build their own shelters….I’m bringing my tent….

The Douglas Fir Trail:
Confed X-country Relay race, stream crossing:Hopefully not us this week!!!

Have a great week!!