Ahhh, run training in the winter in Calgary….snow, icy sidewalks, and darkness. We had a stretch of nice weather to start the year off but now it’s back to winter and the warm temps managed to partially melt some of the snow and coat sidewalks and roads in black ice, making for treacherous running conditions. So my run group takes to the 453m indoor track that runs around the Olympic speed skating oval.
The ‘paper clips’ outside the oval:
A plus to running around the oval ice is that you get to watch the speed skaters. With the Olympic games in Vancouver so close, lately Olympic fever has taken over the oval:

There have been all sorts of speed skating elite at the oval. Last week there were the Russians & Japanese Olympic teams working out during our run practise! No sign of the Dutch team yet, I’ve been keeping my eyes out for them!
That’s all for now. Back to swim-bike-running. I’ll report any other sightings….