So we left the cold of Calgary and once again headed 1900km south to St. George Utah for a little R’n'R.  After one long, and sometimes scary, drive we finally arrived!  We just love this place, running, biking, climbing & a pool that is on Lava Flow Drive!  What more could you ask for!  Here are some pictures from the last 2 weeks:

Riding the bluffs around St George

The Black Rock climbing cliffs

Climbing the basalt rocks...first time in a long time!

 We also took a trip to Vegas to run the 1/2 marathon down there.  It was a fun run, bands & still-drunk people to cheer you on running down the entire “Strip” at 7am…plus, Cher sung the national anthem (or maybe an impersonator…either way, ‘she’ looked rough in the early morning sun…).  I ran a PB 1:19, it was my first official non-triathlon half, it was going awesome until about 10miles when my legs decided they didn’t want to run farther and a giant blister on the ball of my foot popped…ouch!  Richard also achieved a PB run time!  Nice!  I decided it’s easier to run 21km off the bike and without socks…that & you can hear the pulsing sound of the hotel nightclub even on the 54th floor–Vegas is not the ideal ‘pre-race’ relaxation place….

The giant blister post race...ouch...

 After a pre-race trip up to see the Vegas ‘ski hill’ on Mount Charleston, we ventured over to see the Hoover Dam post-race.  Quite an engineering feat….built between 1931-1935 during the great depression….

The Hoover Dam, Richard for scale

Richard and I at Hoover Dam....quite an engineering feat...

The ‘bath tub ring’ The max height of the water, apparently 150′ above current water levels


Now we are enjoying a little more of St George, on some very sore legs, then it back up north for the holiday season…maybe some cross country ski adventures to come!!

That’s all for now,