I’ve been back into some solid structured training for about 2 weeks now.  It’s always a struggle for an athlete as to how long to make the season-end break, there is always the worry if it’s too long or too short and how it will affect the upcoming season; but without a doubt, a break of some sort is necessary.  As next season will one of my most important ones, most likely my last ITU series season, London qualifiers, and the Olympic games themselves, 2012 will be a big one.  I took quite a substantial break after the up & down season of 2011.  Yes, there is always doubt….was it too long?  will I ever re-gain my race form? maybe I needed more time off?  I only came back to training when I felt mentally & physically ready to.  The plan is to be strong & fast in April/May and then again in August; so I knew I needed to be refreshed and ready to go before I focused in on my goals.

So here starts the build-up to London 2012.

Stage 1: rebuilding.  After the extended break here is a summary of how I currently feel….

Swimming: In the pool I feel like I have spaghetti arms…but each day I also feel like I’m getting stronger and stroke after stroke, closer to my goals….


 Running: Currently I feel like an ungraceful elephant rather than an eloquent cheetah….but each run workout feels better and better and I get closer to catching the gazelles out front!


Biking/Weights: On the bike and in the weight room, I attack each workout with the vigour of an uncoordinated but energetic puppy, then usually feel like I need to take a nap after (AKA a puppy crash!).  Again, each session I feel more coordinated and see the weights get heavier and my power come back to numbers I usually see….

puppy 2It hasn’t been a pretty start to the season but I’ve put my head down and got the work done.  Patience…I’m told that good things come to those who wait….