Well, it’s finally getting close! The men’s race in Hamburg was today and we are on Sunday. Sometimes I like to watch the men’s race before ours, you get to scope the course, see how the race plays out, it gets me focused on my day to come. But sometimes, it’s pure torture, I wish it was me out there racing, not waiting another 26 hours to race! Today, it was fun to watch and Bjoern, Lifesport coach extraordinaire, and his wife were out, so I had some company while spectating (although, I left them early once I decided my legs had enough standing). Now I’m ready for my turn!

Tomorrow’s start time is precisely 3:16pm local time. Why 3:16 you ask, I have no idea, but when the German’s say 3:16, you start at 3:16 and I like it! Except for the fact that I have to wait all day to race! So you can check out the action on: www.triathlon.org/tv

Back to reading my book and waiting for 3:16 to arrive.