Well, that’s 2/2 with a 23rd placing. This one went a bit better, swim still has a lot to be desired, going back to the drawing board on that one! I was, again, a little farther back than I would have liked out of the water, putting me in a small chase group on the bike. Again, only a few were willing to do any work, we picked up stragglers and then dropped them and some others in our group, it finally shrank to about 6 girls. It was hot, I was hot, I tried to stay hydrated/fuelled but I could sense I was in a bit of trouble…when you start to get dizzy on your bike, it’s not a good sign! Onto the run, I was in rough shape, I stuck with Kerry Lang (GBR), well really, I made myself stay with her because I was really woozy–at one point the course went right and my body kept going left! It was not by any means a blistering run (well, maybe just for my poor feet!)!

Unfortunately, I let the heat get the better of me on the day and I finished in 23rd spot. It was a good effort on the bike and a mentally strong run (just not very fast!) considering the state I was in! After the finish it was straight to the ice bath, a quick change, cycle to the hotel, a cold shower, packed the bike and gear, drive to the airport. Land in Calgary at 11:59pm, Richard there to pick me up. Sleep in own bed, wash clothes, repack, have dinner with Richard, head back to the airport, fly to Europe–2 more tries for a better race.

Now, I am sitting in the lounge in London, waiting for my flight to Amsterdam. Races 3a/b are this week. First is the Team relay in Holten on Thursday followed by European Championships on Sunday! Should be fun!!