The swim: we must never speak of this swim again. I’ve moved on.

The bike: because of what happened above, I was a little behind coming onto the bike. There was 8 of us to start, I was optimistic we could catch the chase pack 40sec up and worked hard but everyone kept dropping off, we were down to 5, 4, 3, and finally with 4 laps to go only 2 of us were left to chase. We held the gap to the chase group but lost time to the lead group. It was a lot of work on the bike.
The run: I ran with tired legs from the bike, I just kept chugging along, passed a few girls ahead. Finished 23rd. It was a solid run but by no means near what I am capable of.

The summary: First ITU race (not counting Korea) since Beijing. Not sure what went on in the water-I’ve had some great swims the last couple weeks. I will be hitting the pool all next week in Des Moines! The bike, solid, felt strong, would be have been great if I swam what I can swim and been in a better position. The run, a good training day, know I can run faster than that when I’m actually in the mix!

Up Next: My team of 1 is heading off to Des Moines tomorrow morning. Refocusing on what I learned today. Get another crack at ‘er in 6 days. Check out this link for details:

That’s all for now, thanks for the cheers!