My race in London, expressed in pop art….Roy Lichtenstein, Wall Explosion….similar to what happened to me on the run….

London 2011 012

If I had taken a self portrait post race, it would have looked like this:  Andy Warhol, self portrait….

London 2011 013

So the race didn’t go as planned.  A DNF is never fun.  All I can say is that it wasn’t my day and I’m frustrated with my results (or lack there of) the last few races.  Luckily there are still more races to come. Onto the next one!

And now, some pics from the city of London….and no, I did not partake in the riots….

Tate Museum of Modern Art (hence the above photos)

London 2011 002

The contrast of Old (St Paul’s Cathedral) and New (the millenium bridge)…

London 2011 008

Camden Locks…I was completely lost in the markets here…

London 2011 024

A cute dog, he got wet while watching the men’s race, so did I!  This guy could be Shaggy’s British cousin!

London 2011 020

As you can see, I finally re-gained access to my flikr account, so I have photos once again! Yey!  Check out the photo tab for more pics uploaded. I also updated my upcoming races.  More on my next travel plans in my next post….

Thanks for all the support!