An update from Maui. I’ve been on the island for 15 days and have fully entered my self-absorbed training camp mode. The training camp routine: Eat, sleep, train & repeat in any order. So far it’s been a great camp, great coaches, training partners and roommates,and a good kick in the pants to get 2013 off on the right foot. I could write a book on some of the awesome days we’ve had here and the so-called “pleasurable suffering” I’ve willingly put myself thru but instead I’ll let the photos do the talking (all photo credits go to my best training partner, uber athlete & roomie Heather Leiggi).

The Dynamic Trio off on a little spin around the island…


Our adapted Hawaiian cat…we named her Pele, she has brought us good karma with the Hawaiian gods and got us safely up Haleakala!

IMG_1164 (1)

I celebrated another birthday abroad.  It was a fun night…even got a passionfruit chocolate cake made for me and some presents from my super generous training group & coach!  So grateful! 


Back to the pleasurable suffering….Haleakala…we biked up all 10,000 feet of it and I had a smile on my face for all but the last 2000′ (but still smiling on the inside the last little bit in the cold wind and ice pellets!!).  It was a white-out at the top so we didn’t even get to view the crater….guess I have to do it again!


Post climb & still smiling!  Yes I have 5 layers on!!


We also managed to sneak in a little tourist activity as well…A whale watching tour!  The Humpbacks winter in Maui and are everywhere around the island right now.  During our open water swim sessions you can see them jumping in the distance and hear them singing underwater. It’s awesome!!


The boats have to stay 100′ away from the whales but sometimes they just swim up nice and close and give a little show. Tough to get good pictures since you never know where they’ll pop up but Heather did a great job!


A big splash, this was a highlight…a big guy decided to jump out right in front of our boat!


That’s all from Maui for now.  A few more tough days on the island then time to race!!