Some may be wondering why you haven’t seen my name on any race results as of late….I’ll admit, I’ve been withholding a wee bit of  information…but the cat seems to be out of the bag now…

Speaking of which, this is Ezra…I’m not much of a cat person but this scrawny guy won me over! He lives at Pete’s place in Noosa.

Oz2012 002

I have been dealing with a pretty serious injury which I sustained/obtained during a fall while running in the desert of St George, Utah just before Christmas.  Thinking it would heal with a few days off running, I made the trip to NZLD to join the Dutch team anyway in early January. After a few more weeks of no running and suffering  just walking, I went for an MRI.  The results were a double negative (two negatives make a positive right?!).  I had an early indication of a stress reaction in my femoral neck and a labral tear was also evident. This lead to a total of 9 weeks without any running.  Not exactly the ideal build-up for my Olympic qualification races in Sydney, San Diego and Madrid (where I need a top 12), but not the end of the world either as I could still bike & swim.  So in NZLD, that’s what I did, a whole lot of swimming and biking. I was finally able to start running a couple of weeks ago before I made the move to Noosa for 5 weeks of training before Sydney.

Ahhh…Noosa, feels like home to me….

Oz2012 001

 Can’t beat these views and the sound of waves breaking as you go to sleep…Oz2012 003

These guys welcomed Richard and I to our new place for 3 weeks (yes, Richard is here too!).

Oz2012 005

The running hasn’t been fast but we’re being patient with it.  As a bonus I started in the Mooloolaba World Cup race last weekend.  I was super excited to be on the start line as it’s hands-down my favourite ITU race and I was finally running pain free!  Since I hadn’t raced in 6 months, and I only decided to start a couple days out, I was a bit rusty racing but it felt good to get out there. I only did 3k of the run, just to test my hip.  It was hard to pull out of the race but I had to stick to the plan and keep in mind that Sydney, San Diego and Madrid are the races that matter. 

Me on the run!  Happy to be on the pavement!

Oz2012 008

So there you have it.  There are always ups & downs dealing with an injury and it’s never fun–at times I’ve had to fight my instinct to hang up my laces when I couldn’t see the way out.  But as most of you know, I never go down without a fight. So I’ve just been taking it one step at a time.   

Three more weeks until Sydney and seven until San Diego.

Thanks to all those who have been supporting me along the way, you keep me smiling and loving what I do.