He is here and he means business…I managed to get in a training ride outside on Nov 26, which is pretty late for Calgary but winter is now in full force…here are some pictures from a chilly walk with Shaggy in the dog park…it was so windy all the snow was blown away!

Here’s a video in case the pictures didn’t give you the full effect, check out the snow blowing across the field:

The snow drift on the side of the house:

You know that you live somewhere cold if:

  • your toes are cold & steam rises off you when you are riding inside with the door propped open during spin class
  • you’re wearing long underwear 24/7
  • you’ve bought a new pair of boots that are rated to -40 degrees
  • the only jacket you’ve worn in 4 days makes you look like the Michelin man (see 1st pic)
  • you’ve considered paying insane amounts for a last minute flight to somewhere warm

Bundle up. I’m planning a trip south….