Hey Guys!

Well, I had another solid race in New Plymouth yesterday. I had a start # of 15 this time, which was nice not to be the last to line up for the swim start! The swim was a bit chaotic as usual, but a good wetsuit swim for me (I’ve had problems with the wetsuit in the past!). The bike ended up being a pack of about 20 girls and I stayed up at the front and out of trouble into the corners. I managed to come off the bike into T2 first this time (see the new pic above!), learning from my Mooloolaba mistake!! Onto the run, I was slightly off the pace the first 3k but bridged the gap upto 3 girls–Hewitt, Davis, and Tucker–and ran with them. This had me running in 9-12 place at the 6.6k mark. The last 3.4k were 3 short loops by the stands. Since I was running with a Kiwi, we had lots of crowd support (well Hewitt did and I pretended they were cheering for me!), Richard and Adrie were also on the course in their Dutch Orange, so I never missed them! To make a long story short, I was passed by an Aussie and Hewitt made a break that I didn’t match and I had a sprint finish with a Japanese girl for 11th, with a 36.55 run split on a hilly course. It was just shy of my top 10 needed for Beijing qualification–but 2 more races to do that!

I’ll take an 11th place though! Next up is Ishigaki on April 6th and I intend to beat my start # there too (it might even be in the single digits there!!)

Thanks for the support!
–PS–my current World Cup ranking is 17th!! Nice!