Looking back to the swim start in Hamburg….

Well, my races here didn’t exactly start off the way I wanted them too! After a just under a week over in Europe I raced in Hamburg at the World Championships.

The swim was crowed and chaotic as usual and I found myself a bit further back than I had been expecting, especially since my swim has been improving the last few weeks. I hustled through transition and found myself in good company (with strong cyclists) but there was a crash within the first 2k–I narrowly avoided that one! We worked our way up to become the chase pack and closed the gap to 1min. Onto the run my leg was hurting right away. I toughed it out for 5k hoping is would loosen up but it didn’t. I made the decision to pull out of the race going onto the 3rd lap so I wouldn’t further injury myself.

It was a but disappointing since I have never DNF’d a race (unless it was planned), so I was quite upset after this one! I guess I have look at the positives; I had a solid bike (fastest split time) and I made a smart decision. Next steps; Figure out the leg thing (for good this time) the new game plan for the upcoming races and training.
Have a good long weekend!