I’ve been in Sittard, Netherlands for about a week and half now.  It’s been a solid block of training, good company, many rides not having a clue where I was, a couple runs feeling the same way.  A few new things to get used to here–as there always is with a new training base.  I was just starting to feel at home, my body was shaking all the travel, I was set up with furniture in my new room, I even started to find my bearings on the bike!

Riding with the crew…where this is, I’m not certain!!

Netherlands 2011 029 A canal ferry.  I just liked how there were more cyclist waiting than cars!

Netherlands 2011 027 Then early this week I rode my ‘Oma bike’ to an appointment 6k away and had to take a break on the way home I felt so weak.  That night I went down in flames; I was out of commission wishing my Mom was here to take care of me.  less than 2 weeks out of Madrid, this was not part of the plan, not  ideal pre-race prep!  Luckily for me, it’s seems to have past relatively quickly and I’ve rebounded the last couple days.  My training into Madrid now has to be altered, re-thought out, luckily I have great support here to help me with this.  While it’s not an ideal situation, I’m staying positive (if the little Dutch boy I saw in a Calgary Flames jersey isn’t a positive sign, I don’t know what is!); dealing untimely illnesses are part of being an athlete; a couple extra days rest was most likely what my body needed anyway!  Life would be boring if we weren’t thrown a few detours along the way.

For now, it’s back to focusing on Madrid June 5th

Take Care! Lisa