…and miss the next flight!!
I made it to Seoul today. It was a long flight over! 11 hours from Vancouver, luckily I was upgraded to a ‘pod’ so I was able to relax more than in cattle class…it’s going to be tough going back there on the way home (let’s cross our fingers for another upgrade!!). I had to be pretty disciplined though, passing on the cheese platter, Hagen Daaz ice cream, and some unnecessary mid-flight snack! Darn race getting in the way of my eating in Business class! Too bad it was a daytime flight, I barely got any sleep but watched 2 movies and read half my book. That Benjimin Button movie is a long one=good time killer!

Now I’m waiting for flight #3 to Busan which is then followed by a 2.5 hour bus ride to my final destination….Tongeyong! The joys of travelling to races in far off places….so glamorous!

I’ll post more once I get there and actually get some sleep and can formulate full sentences.

Anyone know what time it is here?