Race day is tomorrow!!! It’s good because I have the taper boredom going on right now! I road the coarse today and they have a load of cameras out there, so the coverage is going to be good!

They changed our start time 10:55pm MST, so it’s 15 min earlier now. My start number is lucky #18 for the race.

Feeling good, despite a cough I seemed to have picked up since arriving here. The water is a little chilly just like last year. They say it’s 16 degrees but they must be delusional! I had an encounter with a plastic bag swimming, thought I was under jellyfish attack!! This is another reason to use re-usable bags people–it was gross!

There is also a larger-than-life poster of me and few girls on the bike (racing last year) on the side of a building downtown. I was in a taxi coming back from the pool when I saw it, no camera on hand! I’ll try to get back there after the race to get a photo! How often are you pictured on a side of building?
Good luck to everyone racing this weekend: Wildflower, St. Croix, and local cycling races!! Let’s make a good weekend for racing!