Not much to report this week, recovery week for training. How come I always feel worse during my ‘easy’ weeks? I felt like I’d been run over by a truck this week. Fortunately, the week turned around by the weekend. I felt much better by Saturday. As with the last few weeks, I had yet another long trainer ride with a 20′ run off it. After cycling I did a quick change into my winter run gear, since I knew it was -10 outside, and headed out West. I forgot to check the wind direction before I left…as soon as I turned back to head home, I found out it was an East wind. It was so fricken’ cold I had brain freeze, my eye lashes frosted up and I wanted to run backwards! I made it home by using some reverse psychology, telling myself that “I love winter”! Once home, I went straight to the weather network to check the ‘real-feel’ temp…-21. It’s probably good that I didn’t know that before I headed out, I probably wouldn’t have gone!!

I also put my new coaching skills to the test this weekend (I took the NCCP Community coaching course a few weekends back). The Kronos Tri Club was hosting a Junior Elite skills camp over the long weekend and Bart (the head coach) asked me to help out with a Transition clinic and and some assistance in with a swim session. It was good, I still need some work on my coaching skills but I had fun and got some great feedback.

We had them set up T1 inside and do a T1/T2 simulation (stationary though!).
The kids…looking tired (it was the end of the day for them!).

After the swim portion of the camp, I jumped in the water for my swim and felt pretty good. I find talking and thinking about the technical aspects of swimming always makes me pay attention to my stroke more and usually I have a great swim after! Watch out Paul, Coach L is fine-tuning her skills!!

Love winter…remember to always start your run into the wind…it will be much more enjoyable!