So Maddy (my bike) and I made it to Des Moines Iowa yesterday. Man is it HOT here! The last couple days have been scorchers! Here are a few pics of our adventures in Iowa.

Maddy was a little lazy today and still hadn’t put herself together…well she got part way through and decided to quit….

After I landed, and got thoroughly sweaty just pushing my luggage to the rental car, I went in search of a pool for a swim. Here is what I found….hmmm…how was I going to swim through all these people….

Hopefully no one cannonballs me when I do my laps (see kid mid-air)…this pool was almost the same temperature as outside, and a little cloudy after all the kids got out of the pool!
Then today, I scoped out the course and went for a run. They were busy setting up the transition, pontoon and grandstand! It’s going to look amazing come race day!

The swim pontoon:
The humidex today was 109 degrees….my sweaty arm post run at 9am…
I finished the day off with a swim with South African athlete Henrik DeVilliers (at the YMCA this time) and then a relaxing massage. Good news, not sure where my swim went on Sunday, but it was back in full force today!!
Fun times in Des Moines, Iowa! Tomorrow Maddy and I are going for a spin & run–hopefully before it gets too hot and then hitting the lake.