What the what?!

That’s right everyone; after nearly 10 years of dating, multiple months of living in different countries (Netherlands, UK, US, Singapore, Australia, SE Asia), 4 years after buying a house, long after achieving ‘common-law’ status, 3 years of engagement, nearly getting married in Noosa last year, and 2 whole weeks of ‘planning’, believe it or not, we finally made it all legal!

It was a small, low-key ceremony/event on October 2 in Canmore with a few family and friends. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but I think all had fun out in the mountains for a weekend. Thanks to my good friend Gord Timm for supplying the venue and accommodations!

Note: Although the cat matches the ‘decorations’, it was not a planned part of the ceremony….cats are good luck right??!

That’s all for now.

Best of luck to all that are racing in Hawaii this weekend! Go TEAM LIFESPORT!!