I’ll be brief, the race didn’t exactly go as planned last weekend. I had a bit of bad luck right off the start, literally. I chose the left side of the pontoon and it happened that the left side ended up getting pushed wide around the buoys. I found myself behind (along with a few good swimmers that started left as well) after the first turn and from then on had to swim up and around girls ahead of me. The timing had me in 39th (yikes!) after the first lap and then I worked my way unto 22nd after the second swim lap and T1. Not great but i was in good position going onto the bike….but i had to get on my bike first!

At the mount line someone in front of me was really squirrelly so I swung wide and went for my mount. Apparently my jump was a bit off balance and my foot landed on my shoe funny, slipped off and jammed into the ground, stopping me dead and subsequently, my body slammed into my bike! After a few choice words I can’t repeat, I looked down and saw that my shoe had popped off my bike-more swear words said, a dismount, a parking of the bike on the side, a run back to the wayward shoe. All the while, bikes were flying by me! I got everything together hopped back onto my bike and pushed the first couple laps, catching a few solo girls along the way, but I wasn’t able to make up much ground. The pack That formed was super disorganized and loosing time to a large lead group. It was frustrating to see a good opportunity ride away from me like that.

By the run I was over 2′ down, so I made sure I had a perfect T2 and worked on holding my run form, knowing that it was not my day. Now I’m back in Sittard preparing for London-where I’m sure, lady luck will be on my side & Cinderella promises not lose her shoe!!

That’s all for now! I’ll update my upcoming travel/races soon as I’m in the midst of making new plans! Exiting!