That was better but still not my best day out on the course. Still love the Kitzbuhel course and still love this town!

Here’s the quick and dirty race report:
I was all over the map in the swim, from being solo to being in the chaos to swallowing a ton of water…yummy. I still managed to come out of the water in 16thplace and with a quick transition and a hard first lap on the bike, I was in the lead group. My legs didn’t feel great on the bike to start but better each lap….still on a quest to find those biking legs of mine! There was a mix of everything on the bike; sun, cold, rain and hail, definitely kept it interesting! Onto the run, i hate to admit this, but I was cold! I just tried to keep the legs going but struggled to find a good steady rhythm, I hit a bit of a low on the third lap and dropped to 21st position but then snapped out of it and rebounded with my fastest 2.5k lap to finish off in 18th spot. Not superb but much improved from the shocker race in Madrid! With this result, I’ve managed to keep ranked in the top 20 (16th) for the ITU World Championship Series and it sets me up well for a top performance in Hamburg in July.

Netherlands 2011 057 

Now, I’ve been able to spend a few relaxed days in Kitzbuhel, we went up the famous World Cup Downhill Ski Series Hahnenkamm ski run (so steep!) and ride the mountains surrounding the area! It’s been fun. next up is a training camp in the mountains for St Moritz! I can’t wait, it will be a good chance to finally get back on track after the last ‘less than ideal’ weeks of travel/sickness/racing post Sydney/New Zealand. Up next is the Hamburg race! Again, one of my top 3 favourite races for sure!  Any guesses what 1&2 are??

My poor ski form…there is a reason I’m not a downhiller!!  Plus, I’d have to snowplow the majority of this run!

Netherlands 2011 061 Thanks for the memories Kitzbuhel…Netherlands 2011 064 

That’s all for now…off to Switzerland!  I can smell that fresh mountain air already…oh wait, that’s because I’m already in some beautiful mountains!!

Take Care,