On the bike course–Kitzbuhel World Cup
The town of Kitzbuhel
The view from the swim start!
Well, my first 5 weeks in Europe have come to an end. The race in Kitzbuhel went well. After a mediocre swim, I was able to work my way back up to the front pack on the bike (we caught the lead pack on lap 6/8). I had a speedy T2 and ended up heading out on the run first! That lead didn’t last for long as many of the fast runners were in the same bike pack! I had been having leg pain leading up the race, but was able to tough it out and was satisfied of my effort. I ended up 21st, 2:22 off the winning time—getting better each race!

Now I’m back in Calgary for a short stop, to Victoria for a mini-training camp and then back to Europe for another month! The plan right now is to race in Kelowna (August 19th), World Championships in Hamburg (September 1st), Beijing World Cup (September 15th) and one last race in Rhodes, Greece (October 7th) before coming back home.

For now, I have to wash some clothes, recover from all the racing, heal my leg and refocus for the next series of races!

Hi to everyone, hope all is well!!