my race report…click this link, but it’s not….mine goes more like this….

IMG_3014I went into the race with not the best preparation.  I was sick with fever and chills the week before and could hardly climb the stairs to my room without having to rest at the top!  A week out of the race, I had to pull the plug on a key session as I thought I might not make it home.  But after a solid weekend of rest and recovery, I was starting to feel better.  Sometimes when you are sick, you bounce back stronger and faster than before, but sometimes it takes a little longer to recover.  I was optimistic on the speedy supercompensation theory for Madrid.  I was mentally prepared and psyched for the #9 start number and the awesome hill on the bike–hard hilly bike courses are my favourite!


All did not go according to plan though.  To keep this brief, I felt flat in the water and was not very sharp all day, was really weak on the bike and was dropped from the chase pack (very disappointing/disconcerting for me, but the legs were on a self imposed power-strike the entire 40k) and I honestly ran the 10k as just-one-foot-in-front-of-the-other.  I knew I wasn’t my normal self and I was probably still recovering but it was still hard to swallow.  I toughed out the day and made it a solid (but painful) training day.  As my Dad said–”when you are sick, the legs are the first to go and the last to come back”.  There were some positives out of the day too–I had the fastest T2 and I finished!  It’s too bad, Madrid was a course made for me, but the season is long and there are many more races, so time to focus on the next task at hand—Kitzbuhel!  I’ll get you next time, Madrid, next time!!!!

Not to worry, my legs have decided this week that they are coming back to work!  A little pay raise and increased benefits over the next year & 1/2 was just the incentive they needed…

Till Kitz,