….the temperature is dropping, I’m outta here! I know I said I was done with travel for the rest of the year….but I couldn’t resist a trip to Hawaii! I’m heading off to Kona to watch and cheer for a bunch of my friends at the Ironman World Championships. It doesn’t really count as a trip since I’m not taking my bike–only a carry-on!! No bike fees for me this time!! Bree is letting me take her roadie out for a spin when I’m out there! Thanks Bree!

Me and the girls in Hawaii last year!!
I’ll be missing my niece’s and brother’s birthdays, but they will get a super cool gift from the island!! Happy Birthday Jord & Bry!! I’m also missing Thanksgiving, so I made Richard a pumpkin pie today (#2 worked out much better…#1 had to be thrown out…I’m really not a baker!!). Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Now I’ve got to find my sunscreen….
Have a good week!