Team Dinner at John's House

My first earthquake experience happened the other morning, at 6:03am a 5.1 magnitude, to be precise. For a us geology types, this was an exciting and scary experience (especially when you understand the mechanics of whats happening in a tectonically active zone).

This week I experienced a little hiccup in my training. I acquired the Plague on the plane ride over here (I’m certain that is where I picked it up, the girl beside me looked like death and hacked the entire 14hours from Vancouver, I subsequently looked like death, my teammates informed me of that and Richard verified over the phone). Anyhow, I had a rough week and spent the majority of it in bed giving my abs a hardcore workout, great way to start a camp off!

The other morning, feeling better but still coughing, I had just fallen back to sleep after a coughing fit, put my eye mask on to block out the impending daylight that would soon flood my room. Then all of sudden my bed starts rocking like someone is giving is a good shake. My first though was that i had slept in and a teammate was giving me one rude awakening, I ripped off the eye mask and realized the WHOLE HOUSE was shaking. At first I just lay there thinking, this is so cool, then those thoughts went to, man what is this house built of…straw?? Then I suddenly had thoughts that I really didn’t have a plan…run to the door frame, that’s what they did on The OC right? When will it stop? Then it stopped…

So there you have it, my first earthquake in Christchurch….and it will not be my last, I had a 2am wake up this morning, which was a short but violent jolt, that I thought I’d dreamt, and caused another reckless sleep since I had just done some geology of New Zealand homework and was sure the ‘big one’ was going to knock down the straw house in New Brighton. So for those interested here are some great links: the daily earthquake summary: A great geologic summary post-Chch 7.0 quake, some great diagrams, links and a really cool utube fly-over video of the surface expression of the newly formed fault line: Click Here.

Other than that, it has been a lot of trying to get healthy, a trip to the art museum to see the Ron Mueck exhibit, it was very real, in a creepy sort of way….another visit to the center to see some of the buskers here for an international buskers festival. Here are some pics of that:

A giant women in bed.....

Busking high above the ground....

Bathroom Buskers

That’s all for now from NZ. Hopefully the next post will be more training related!