Hmmm…where did I leave off…oh right, Calgary 70.3…Here’s a quick recap of the last few action packed months!

I jumped back into racing action (albeit a little prematurely) for the Calgary 70.3.  The swim was ok considering the limited (or lack) of swim training I’ve been doing lately, the bike was solid after only a few weeks riding outside on my TT bike, and the run showed I still had some work to do before I was back to form!  I finished off in 5th position in a fairly competitive women’s field.  The arm was healing, although I can now predict the weather…my elbow aches when there is rain coming, but I still had some work to do on my fitness!!

After that  it was a quick trip to Lake Winnipeg, a nice and relaxing visit with family and a fun cycling group to jump in with–VB 8:00 @ the Gate!

Victoria Beach–Lake Winnipeg


Victoria Beach 8:00 @ the Gate crew!

VB 8 at Gate

Being home this summer has also left a bit of time for some serious dog-sitting time! Shaggy & Watson have been regular visitors at our house…one day we’ll commit to a dog of our own…

Shaggy & I testing out the waters of Two Jack Lake in Banff


Watson finally spent after a long run!


From there, a short flight over to the island to race in Sooke.  The race didn’t go as I hoped (maybe too many beach bakery treats the week before??) but it was a fun event in a beautiful place.

Sunrise in Victoria


Then it was back into more training with a little break for my BFF’s happy wedding event in Fairmont.  Richard and I managed to sneak in a bike ride and an awesome long trail run between the festivities!

The gorgeous bride…what a great day ; )


Then it was out west to Banff for the Subaru Western Triathlon Series final race.  Hands down the most scenic race out there…even beats Kitzbuhel, Austria!! The race was a fun race for me and I felt like I finally was mentally back into racing again…or as my good friend Cathy said–I finally started to find my MOJO again–it’s been hiding for a long time, so it was nice to get re-aquainted!  I managed to win the women’s race finish second over-all, but more importantly, I had a smile on my face the whole day–A win in the mountains was all I needed.

Racing in a National Park…

Banff Sign

The swim…chilly but oh so beautiful!

Two Jack Lake

Transition on Banff Ave..Cascade Mountain in the background 

Banff Trans

The run/finish and the fun crowd 

Banff Run

Phew….That brings me to now. What’s next, you say?…you’ll have to check back for the next update to find out!!!

That’s all from Calgary for now. Keep training and smiling.

ps-If my arm starts aching, I’ll let you know to get the rain gear out ; )