The question I get asked most is if I ever get homesick while being away from home so much and especially apart from Richard for extended periods of time.  My answer is of course, some days it’s more than others. I’ve missed more than my fair share of family & friend events; birthdays (including my own!), and countless happenings/celebrations/good and bad times.  So yeah, I get homesick…..

But then my wonderful husband sends me a picture like the one below of our backyard in Calgary….That snow bank is about my height (5’6″/168cm)!  Crazy!  Then my homesickness quickly goes away…

Calgary Snow

I have a few more days left in Noosa before I head south for my first big race of the season in Sydney, so I’ve been resting up and trying to take in as much of the local atmosphere as I can (without tiring my legs out of course!) before I leave.

Here is the Peregian Beach sunday market….just before a nasty rain storm blew in (see clouds in the background).  No snowbanks here!

Noosa 2011 035

Another beautiful sunset on Sunshine Beach….

Noosa 2011 033 A clear day looking back at Mt Cooroy and Noosa Main beach…Noosa 2011 012That’s all for now from the southern hemisphere.  I hope everyone knows how much I miss them….if only it were warm and sunny in Calgary year round….let me know if you want to come join me on my travels….

Sydney in ONE WEEK…..Bring it on!!!