‘Main Beach’ Noosa, Australia:
After waking up this morning to a -38 windchill and having to run a 1:45 run on the treadmill, not fun, I needed to post this to cheer myself up (and anyone else in Western Canada right now!)! My last post was making me cold just looking at it!!

I broke rule #1 for survival during a deep freeze…I looked at the forecast for a Southern Hemisphere location…Noosa, Australia. For those interested, it was +35 there today. Below is me in 2007, just off Main Beach at Noosa Heads. This is where we would swim all our long swims on sundays. The WATER temperature was 26*……..
**sigh**Okay, the sun actually came out today, so I think I can push through!! I can make it to Dec 21…the days start getting longer after that! yippee!!!