So I finally made it to DC! I was temporarily sidelined by US customs on the way here…for some reason the customs ‘lady’ was not in a good mood (to put it politely!), she interrogated me (I thought that I may have gotten on the Tel Aviv flight by mistake) and then decided that I needed to go to the ‘special’ room before they allowed me into the US! I was fingerprinted and my picture taken, then I sat in that room for an hour before being called up, the customs guy then took one look at me and my documents and asked “why’d they send you here?” and sent me on my way…..grrrrr….then I met up with the Canadian team for my next flight where they trapped us on the plane, on the ground, for an hour and 1/2 before we took off! At least I wasn’t charged for my bike this trip!!

Once at the hotel, I changed and went for a run right away–I was excited to do a ‘tour’!! I ran down to the ‘mall’ and straight to the White House then back to the Washington Monument and by the Lincoln Memorial and back by the Smithsonian–doing intervals while sightseeing! It was so cool!! I may have to sneak in a tour of the Smithsonian Natural History Museam…I can’t pass up the ‘Dynamic Earth’ Exhibit…don’t worry coach, I’ll stay off the legs!
This race will be really fantastic–I’m excited! Although the river looks a little murky….
That’s all for now. Live coverage will be on race day.