Still in Nelson training away.  Trainings been going well.  We had an interesting ride in the craziest wind I’ve ever ridden in!  It was super strong and super gusty, at one point I heard a tree branch snap, crash thru some bushes and hit the road right behind us, and I was blown clear across the pavement during one particularly strong gust, but it was a beautiful ride…Fun times! 

Just under one week left in NZ, then a QUICK stop at home to change clothes, get my hair cut, change bikes (yeah!), and see a few family and friends, then over to Europe for the summer of racing and training.  Love it!

In other news, I’ve discovered my new favourite fruit here in New Zealand.  It’s called a Feijoa (pronounced by the locals as fee-joe-ah).  It’s a South American fruit that was introduced to NZ in the 1920′s but originates in the highlands of Brazil/Argentina/Paraguay/Uruguay.  It  has been described as a pineapple guava, I describe it as delicious!  I may have OD’d on them already, my tummy was not too happy on my long run the other day (post consumption of a couple Feijoas….it was so worth it)…

Nelson 2011 That’s all for now from NZ.  My next post may be from Calgary if I have time or from Sittard (Netherlands) once I get settled into my new home there.

Smiles from NZ,