Hmmm…Where to start?  What’s been going on with me? Well since St George and my foot injury, I haven’t felt like there was anything exciting to write about.  When all your plans get thrown out the window, uncertainty makes it hard to plan anything, and as someone who loves a well thought out plan, I found myself a bit lost and frustrated. I’ve slowly gone about my business, trying to be patient and let my foot heal. So yeah, the foot was hurt and it’s taken WAY longer than I would have liked to heal and to get back to the run/race form I was at in late-March. Spring brought a lot of cycling and some flooding and tons of mountain time….

This view never gets old for me!!


After a few weeks off, followed by some frustrating false starts, I finally got to the point where I just wanted to run and to race.  I was still having pain in my foot but it was manageable, so I took it day by day.  By  July, I probably wasn’t ready to race, but I signed up for Vineman 70.3 in Sonoma, California anyway.  This race has been on my list of ‘to-do’s’ for some time, so I took the chance to race it.  I toed the line with a strong field of ladies who were at their mid-season peak fitness.  I on the otherhand felt rusty and dull but toughed it out (especially the 21.1k of running) and finished 7th women. It wasn’t a great showing but it was a race and I was happy to be out there.

It’s a beautiful part of the world and I’ll definitely be back to explore all the vineyards!


My wonderful homestays always seem to have a buddy for me to play with–In Santa Rosa it was a Turtle, Lyle.


I then came home, did some more training,…foot still causing some grief and disruptions to my running.  I got in just enough training (and running!) to go into my hometown race Calgary 70.3 with reasonable fitness. I finished 4th with some awesome family & friends supporting the whole way. It was fun to race at home and the race organizers did a wonderful job putting the event on after the June floods.

 The cutest fans out there:


After Calgary 70.3. It was back to the mountains to recover and keep on training


A family portrait!


Then it was off to Muskoka, Ontario for another 70.3.  I had high hopes for this race as my training had progressed nicely and I was actually able to do intervals and some speed work on the run.  This course is legit…nonstop rolling hills for 95km on the bike and then off onto a merciless hilly half marathon.  I may have pushed a few too many watts on the front half of the bike and paid for it the rest of the race!  I ran as best I could was a quad on the verge of seizing up and luckily was able to hold on for 3rd place, not the run I was hoping for but my best finish this season.

The hills of lovely Muskoka….


Again, my super awesome homestay had a friend for me to play with…this one’s name is Sammy, she even did my pre-race run with me!


So that brings you up to date.  The foot is better, the season is almost over and there is one more ‘kick of the can’ coming up….heading back to Miami 70.3 to try to keep my results trend rolling…7th, 4th, 3rd….

One step at a time.